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Nail Services

Cielo Salon and Spa is the best nail salon in Henderson for quality and service. From the tip of your fingers to the end of your toes you will be in love with the manicurists within our full range of beauty services. Whether you like a natural look, or want to go for the latest trends and techniques, Cielo is the best place to go.


Cielo Manicure


Cielo Gel Manicure


Acrylic Nails Full Set


Acrylic Nails Full Set With Gel Polish


Acrylic Nails Fill


Acrylic Nails Fill With Gel Polish


Acrylic Nails Removal


Full Set Pink & White


Fill Pink & White


Builder Gel Full Set


Builder Fill


Builder Fill With Gel Polish



Cielo Pedicure


Cielo Gel Pedicure


Volcano Pedicure


Volcano Pedicure With Gel Polish


Polish Changes

Regular Polish Change


Gel Polish Change [Hard Gel or Acrylic Only]


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